Conflict Between Hamlet And Laerte By William Shakespeare

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Throughout Hamlet, several characters die. For most, this happens through combat, such as the duel between Hamlet and Laerte, which kills them both. In the play, however, two characters die in quick, seemingly careless ways. The first, the fair Ophelia, is killed by her own madness in what seems to be suicide. The other, Gertrude, dies due to the carelessness of her husband, who accidentally poisons her. In both of these cases, their deaths, and the events that led to them, represent a difference in the treatment of genders in Hamlet. This gender inequality can be examined through a feminist criticism lens. A feminist lens has multiple facets. Overall, its purpose is to look at the differences in gender and how they are reflected in patriarchal language and literature. These differences can appear in multiple forms, whether it be political, economic or psychological oppression. When viewing these issues, one of the key aspects to using a feministic approach is to identify with the female characters, and to be able to see the views of both them and the patriarchy. By doing this, the text can be deconstructed and looked at from multiple perspectives, allowing the differences in treatment and thought process to be clear. Beginning in Act I scene ii, the queen Gertrude is seen and, after her and the King Claudius convince Hamlet to stay in the castle until his grief is gone, they exit. After the queen and king leave, Hamlet begins to have monolouge. “...Frailty, thy name is

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