Conflict Between India And Pakistan

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Conflict in Kashmir has been both devastating and ongoing since the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947. The conflicts themselves arose from Partition, stemming from the religious dichotomies between Hindus and Muslims. The question is, was this religious conflict a result of impending and inevitable religious tensions in pre-Partition India, or does it stem primarily from British manipulation, disorganization, and negligence in the withdraw of the British Empire? While there were pre-existing tensions among religious groups in India, it was not until British occupation that these tensions were amplified and manipulated. While the conflict cannot be solely attributed to either preexisting religious tensions or British mishandling of policies, the catalyst for violence can be attributed to a combination of both factors. In an effective power play, the British yoked the differences among Indians in an unprecedented manner. This would act as the platform for a legacy of ongoing violence and discord among people that once lived harmoniously together. To fully understand the nature of the ongoing conflict between India and Pakistan in Kashmir, it is necessary to understand the relationship between British manipulation and the differences within the Indian population. By examining the way in which British power influenced the existing perceptions of these differences, one can attempt to understand the dividing (rather than coexisting) diversities. Additionally, the conflicts…
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