Conflict Between Islam And Christianity

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Conflicts, clashes, misunderstandings, and misconceptions represent an image of ignorance, sometimes, or a sign of prejudice. When it comes to religions, the situation escalates to be a real serious issue. Islam, and since its existence, has faced many struggles with many people who think of it as an outrageous religion that pushes people to kill, treat unfairly, and think criminally. However, Islam by name is a message of peace. The word Islam was taken from the word Salam, which simply means peace in Arabic. Additionally, the ideal of this religion is to worship one god –Allah– and believe that Mohammad is his messenger. Many of the legalizations of Islam call for concord and peace and fight a common wickedness; nevertheless, there are still some many people who are not aware of what the real meaning of this religion is and how it is rooted in Judaism and Christianity. Therefore, it is a religion that belongs to the same tree of the other divine religions mentioned before. Anyhow, since Islam and Christianity or Islam and Judaism are divine religions, why did they both exist? Why was not there only one religion? Well, a question like that cannot be answered with a simple answer. It is a matter of some many historical incidents that created that division in these religions. Overall, Islam and Christianity are very similar and compatible in many different ways although they have major differences. Islamic history extends over a long period of time covering a wide
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