Conflict Between Men And Women

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Conflict between men and women

"Trifles" is a short story that Susan Glaspell wrote about between men and women. It 's specifically targeting the way men attitudes were towards women. "Trifles" talks about a murder that is unsolved, a country woman suspected of killing her husband in an isolated farm. Men in this short story worry more about looking for big evidence and judging about Mrs. Wright 's messy kitchen instead of looking in her stuff for evidence. The men think that in the kitchen there is nothing important. Instead they go to the barn and to the bedroom to find evidence. Meanwhile the women find a dead bird with a broken neck that could mean why she killed Mr. Wright. At the end the women decide to hide the evidence. That is because they think she had her own reasons to kill him because Mr. Wright could have killed the bird and that it was important to Mrs. Wright. In "Trifles" there is a conflict between the masculine attitudes towards women.
Men in "Trifles" are judgmental when they see Mrs. Wright 's messy kitchen. They think that Mrs. Wright should have cleaned up the kitchen before she left. The County Attorney thinks that a woman 's place is in the kitchen and that she should have everything cleaned up. When the County Attorney is looking around the kitchen he opens the door of a closet and looks on the top shelf. Then he pulls his hand away sticky and says, "Here 's a nice mess" (1388), criticizing Mrs. Wright 's kitchen. He pulls out a roll of towels…

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