Conflict Between Narcissism And Aggression Essay

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Correspondingly, the propaganda of both Croats and Serbs indulged their populations to believe that each side was responsible for their suffering.

Further there is a psychological dimension of the ethnic nationalism that is centered around peoples’ perceptions when questioning their identity. Conflict is a process driven by collective needs and fears that comes from a psychological aspect. Psychology drives attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups. Using Freud’s analysis, Ignatieff focuses our attention on the relationship between narcissism and aggression. Narcissism is a personality trait that involves arrogant behavior, a lack of empathy for other people, and a need for self-admiration.
Ignatieff exploration of Freud’s analysis conduces him to the assumption that nationalism and narcissism are two allied expressions. He says:
A nationalist takes the neutral facts about people-their language, habit, culture, tradition, and history-and turns these facts into a narrative, whose purpose is to illuminate the self-consciousness of a group, to enable them to think of themselves as a nation with a claim to self-determination. A nationalist, in other words, takes “minor differences”-indifferent in themselves-and transforms them into major differences (45).
This passage shows that nationalism is a sort of narcissism. Yugoslavs nationalists wanted a nation where all walks of people in Yugoslavia could live together as one single group. They neglected minor differences
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