Conflict Between North And South Korea

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Conflict in Korea The U.S.’s conflict with North Korea is as old as their leader is short. It all started in the late 40’s and early 50’s with the war on Communism. The U.S. feared the rise of Communism in its neighboring states and the effect it might have on American politics; this phenomenon was referred to as the Domino Effect. As a result of this fear, the U.S. took action in an attempt to avert this perceived inevitability. One of the Nations we took action in was Korea; the North was backed by the Soviets and the South was backed by the U.S.. This country was now torn between two radically different ideologies; separated by the 38th parallel and a little over 100,000 men. The Korean War may have ended in 1953, however, we [the…show more content…
North vs. South While many people view North and South Korea as one in the same, they are not. North and South Korea may share a border, but that is all they share; they are dramatically different. Where North Korea can barely feed their own people, South Korea is a hot spot for technological development. For example, Hyundai Motor (the world 's fifth biggest car manufacturer), Samsung Electronics (the world 's biggest technology firm by revenue), and POSCO (one of the worlds leading manufactures of steel) are some of the few multi-billion dollar companies operating out of South Korea. While North Korea has committed atrocities against humanity, South Korea has cultivated an economy that has allowed talented individuals to revolutionize technology. These claims can be substantiated by taking a look at the GDP of both countries; in 2011, North Korea 's GDP was estimated at $1,800 per capita whereas South Korea 's was $31,700 per capita. The one sector of North Korea 's economy that public money is actually funneled into is their military. This money, which accounts for half of their GDP, is used to develop ICBMs, nuclear warheads, and other weapons with baleful intent. South Korea may not be a world superpower, but they are miles and leagues ahead of North Korea. At least, the North understands that weapons of mass destruction are not toys to be played with by short men with God complexes.
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