Conflict Between Northern Uganda And The Civil War Essay

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When I think about conflict in Northern Uganda, I vividly recall the distant look and aloofness that my childhood neighbor and friend, Grace, always donned. My primary school was entirely a boarding school affair. We left the comfort of our parents’ homes to move to an entirely new community, living with other children my age, 7 years, sharing, caring and looking out for each other. Yet, deep down, each of us had their untold story. Grace’s story, which she told, piece by piece, a little unsure whether she could trust me, was different. She talked about one of the biggest and longest conflicts was in Northern Uganda, a civil war by the Lord’s Resistance Army led by Kony .They carried out widespread abduction, mutilation and kidnapping of children who became child soldiers, sex slaves and child mothers. Some were civilians with fresh bullet wounds who had been caught in a rebel ambush; others were land mine victims. Her mother was a nurse at Gulu Regional Referral Hospital, so she spent most of her childhood at the medical quarters. Each time the ambulance arrived at the hospital; local residents would rush to the hospital gate to observe in sorrow as dying victims were rolled into the surgery ward. Watching this daily routine was the beginning of her distrust in humanity and social withdrawal. I had no help to offer besides a listening ear. The more she talked about her ordeal, the more she opened up. There was always a glimmer of hope in her eyes after telling her story.
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