Conflict Between Police And African American Community

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According to The Federal News Dispatch, “Fresh protests were held across the United States as anger persisted over a grand jury 's decision not to charge a white police officer in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager (Lanham).” The tension between police system and black communities in the United States has been increasing since past few years. After the death of Michele Brown, policing in America has been criticized by all levels of people. Looking at the Ferguson incident, intervention is necessary for the peaceful land of this racial conflict between police and African-American community.
Most of the intractable conflicts require some sort of intervention from third parties. Ferguson conflict has raised a lot of questions about black sovereignty and people have been looking for long term resolution of the conflict. Currently, few organizations as well as government authorities are working in this conflict throughout the time period. However, conflict resolution process is not over. This particular conflict has long run impact in the US society, that’s why our intervention process should be able to address the issues of the Black community. I believe, intervention should be peaceful, based on mutual understanding, focusing on win-win principles, and government and civilian’s involvement. The United States Department of Justice has established the National Initiative for Building Trust and Justices, which focus on building a good relationship between the
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