Conflict Between Russia And Russia

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Sovereignty in the Ukraine For the Ukraine, the past year has been filled with numerous conflicts, both internal and external. Internally, the Ukraine is dealing with a split nation consisting of pro-Europeans in the west and pro-Russians in the east. Most of the internal violence comes from the pro-Russian rebels using militant force to occupy cities near the Russian border, while the Ukrainian forces fight to keep hold of these cities (“Ukraine in maps: How the crisis spread”). While most of the violence is coming from within, the main conflict here is between the Ukraine and Russia, as Russia has already used military force to annex Crimea, and continues to supply the Ukrainian rebels with weapons and funding (Fieldstadt). The issue…show more content…
In 1921, the Russian Red Army conquered the majority of the Ukraine, while the rest became part of Poland. For years, Russia was in control and caused many problems, including the deportation of thousands of Crimeans suspected of being involved with the Nazi party. In 1945, after having been victorious in World War II, the Soviet Union annexed the rest of the Ukraine, formerly occupied by Poland. In 1954, the Soviet government gave the Crimean peninsula to the Ukraine as a gesture, while still in control of the entire area (Mehrish 2014: 1). Following the post World War II period, there was a growing Ukrainian desire to break away from Russia. Finally, in 1991, the Ukraine declared it’s own independence, following the collapse of the Soviet Union (“Ukraine Profile”). Since then, the Ukraine has been an independent state with historical ties to Russia, but a growing desire to be more closely linked to the European Union. It is clear that the relationship between Russia and the Ukraine is both complicated and tense, as Russia feels, in a sense, robbed of a land that is rightfully theirs. On the other hand, the Ukraine declared its independence and some think that Russia has been encroaching on the sovereignty of this nation (Stanglin). The year 2014 has been a year filled with violence and complications within the Ukraine, and the entire world has been able to
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