Conflict Between Russia And The West

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with the socialization aspect which Bearce and Bondenalla call type I socialization. They state; “Type I socialization clearly implies a change in an actor’s behavior but not necessarily a change in the actor’s interests” (Bearce and Bondanella 2007, 706). In the perspective of realist theory I agree with the notion that states will join IGOs through a calculated process for their own self-interests. With Russia’s annexation in Crimea the theories can be applied from different perspectives. Russia’s action to annex Crimea was clearly an act that went against International law and outside of what the international community deemed appropriate action. This makes a difficult case for socialization and interest convergence as Russia acted…show more content…
This is in context to the trade agreement between the European Union and Ukraine. The European Union has continued to expand eastward and this has been one of the causes of the reaction from Russia. Russia also has feared that the expansion of the European Union will cause NATO to expand into Ukraine as well (Higgins and Herszenhorn). In this even realist theory does an excellent job of explaining the actions taken by Russia. The annexation of Crimea follows realist theory, and rejects the notion of IGOs having an influence over state behavior. John Mearsheimer explains the event, “the best realist explanation for today’s outcome in Crimea would be the classical realist notion of states pursuing security at all costs. If we understand the geopolitical priorities of Russia, the EU, and the United States in terms of security maximization, the Russian response to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych being overthrown is textbook” (Panda 2014). The reactions were due to a security concern and in attempts maintain its influence in the eastern portions of Europe. Also, much like Syria, Russia has vested military interests in the area of Crimea. The fears that Russia has had with the instability of Ukraine are understandable. As mentioned earlier from a realist context states will act in ways to protect themselves in survive. Mearsheimer argues, “states in the international
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