Conflict Between The Islamic State Of Iraq And Syria

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Conflict due to differences in religious beliefs can be seen throughout the course of human history. The most current of these conflicts lies between the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and the United States of America. New York Times journalists Mark Landler and Eric Schmitt recently wrote an article highlighting an event that exemplifies this clash, specifically, the ISIS jihadists beheading a second journalist, Steven J. Sotloff, and releasing an uncensored video to be viewed by the world. The article highlights some of the complexities surrounding the killing, such as political strategies, mainly on the American side, the tone of President Obama’s response, and as the legitimacy of the video. In addition to politics, Landler and Schmitt also write on the military implications of Sotloff’s death. The article quotes Daniel Benjamin, a former counterterrorism coordinator, on the possibility of sending troops to Syria and the pressure that ISIS has put on the United States. Likewise, they mentioned the possibility of a bill being introduced to Congress to allow President Obama to order airstrikes in Syria, though this is still tentative.
While the political and military implications of ISIS’s actions are discussed in the first half of the article, there is a noticeable shift to the emotional and moral implications of the released video in the second half of the video. Landler and Schmitt highlight the impact Sotloff’s death had on his family. His mother is
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