Conflict Between The Social Construction Of Masculinity And The Images

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“Tough Guise” examines the relationship between the social construction of masculinity and the images we see in mass media and popular culture. The central theme in Katz’s arguments in Tough Guise revolves around the notion: violence in America is a gendered associated phenomenon, and in order for us to understand violence, we must focus on its relationship to our culture and ideals of “masculinity”. In this documentary, Katz argues, Masculinity is created; it doesn’t just exist– as opposed to one’s biological sex. He also argues that media is the primary feeder and that it also plays a crucial role in making and shaping the way manhood culture is and personal attitudes about manhood. After evaluating media images of manhood, it is clear to see that the media contributes to the widespread equation of masculinity with pathological control and violence toward our people. After examining the constructed ideals of manhood, exactly how, why and in whose interests they are constructed differently in, it denaturalizes and diminishes the potential of these imagined ideals of men to shape our perceptions of our world, each other and ourselves. The idea that manhood represents a fixed, inevitable; some natural state of being is a myth. It is a twist in its origin: Men created the concept of “masculinity” in order to cage himself in it. What became a norm for “masculinity” in a society is largely a made cultural frame, not something a male’s shared trait. One way to understand the…
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