Conflict Case Studies

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The style of the conflict the nurse is using would be competition. The nurse is trying to show she is in charge and can dominate anything that is suppose to happen within the patients room. The nurse is trying to exercise the power she holds by being the registered nurse in order for her to get the assessment along with feeling, as the patient needs his rest. The nurse may feel as the patient needs his rest due to he is in a post-anesthesia care which could indicate he just got out of surgery and needs to rest. Another conflict the nurse used in this situation was avoidance. I feel the nurse also used avoidance due to she wanted to get in the room complete the assessment without being interrupted and she was unable to focus due to all the family members talking and the toddler running around.…show more content…
The nurse felt as if what she was thinking and feeling was what’s best for the patient. The conflict style the nurse should have chosen was collaboration. This is a win-win situation for the nurse, patient, and the family members. By the nursing do this will be allowing the family to express what their needs are, and the nurse will be able to what she feels the patient
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