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Conflict is a problematic situation that occurs between interdependent people who seek different goals or means to those goals. Conflict is inevitable as relationships become closer, more personal, and more interdependent, more conflicts occur, perceived trivial or minor complaints become more significant, and feelings become more intense. Conflict has many definitions (opposing viewpoints, when opponents engage in battle, going against one another in some fashion, incompatibility between the objectives of two or more characters or forces) and approaches (avoiding, accommodating, competing, collaborating, compromising). There are five types of conflict, Value, Relationship, Interest, Data and Structural Conflict. Interpersonal conflict is…show more content…
Once engaged in conversation with another, an effective conflict manager can employ general ways and specific techniques to be supportive. Power and conflict go hand and hand. It is up to the individual to decide how to handle the two. “Leaders must strive to possess a balance between conflict and power in order to sustain a high-performance working environment” (Hale, 2009, p.1). Creating and maintaining a more power balanced organization where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to increase individual’s self-esteem. In a general way, people want others to like, respect, encourage, consult, include, appreciate, and reward them. They want others to ask them questions, greet them warmly, help them when needed, and make them feel safe. We can also support others in a more specific way. To do this, we need to determine what traits or characteristics the other perceives in him or her-self and point out the ones we have in common or are capable of supporting. Thus enhancing one’s communication skills, also known as Data Conflict, is paramount when seeking to mediate and subsequently resolve conflict. The purpose of resolving conflict within an organization is to create a win-win situation for all involved. To this end, organizations develop a protocol to expeditiously and satisfactorily resolve conflict. Often, the protocol is known as the grievance process. Every faculty and staff of an organization must be given at the time of

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