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1. What are conflict diamonds? What groups benefited from the trade in conflict diamonds? What groups were hurt by it? As defined in the case study, conflict diamonds are gemstones that are mined or stolen by rebels fighting internationally recognized governments. Any of the anti-government/rebel forces/guerrilla troops/or other nonconformist groups within the areas of question or which could fall into this category or situation. The case study points out two groups who benefited the most under this circumstance; the Revolutionary United Front (RUF) (specific to the Sierra Leone region in West Africa) and the UNITA rebels (specific to the Angola region). These rebels inflicted physical pain on the villages which they took over in order to…show more content…
Their interests converged on the premise that each one acting on their own would not have stood a chance without the interdependence on the others for mutual support. They goal was to ensure that diamonds were harvested under proper conditions for proper motives and for proper business principles. 3. Do you believe that any of these three sectors could have addressed the problem of conflict diamonds unilaterally? Why or why not? No. Each of these organizations needed the other in order to gain mutual support and elevate the situation to a level that would get support and visibility, not just on a local level, but on a global level. If the business organizations had raised the issue alone, then they would have risked losing customers on the basis of lack of accountability in their mining system, yet it was one that was almost unavoidable, given the circumstances. If the governments had attempted it alone, then maybe the other governments would have brushed it off as a civil action with their own borders. Had the activists acted alone, they may have been viewed as one sided sympathizers who did not see the big picture. However, together, they were all able to bring their concerns to the table and unify into a single supported cause with a clear goal. 4. What are the
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