Conflict: Human and Lives Essay

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We can never avoid conflict, we have to face it one way or another. In a world filled with diversity, conflict is an inescapable and incredibly important element in our lives. Conflict occurs when there is a difference of opinions, ideas or morals between individuals, groups or even within ourselves. It is what allows us to grow and further develop our lives and forces us to change the way we think and act. Conflict makes us compromise and learn from our mistakes. It is true that we can never avoid conflict and we must face it in one way or another in our lifetime. In our existence we face many different types of conflicts; some bear little significance while others immensely transform our way of life. Different parts of our world are…show more content…
To desire more than what is needed is second nature to humans. Often this is complemented by jealously and is a recipe for disaster. Throughout our lives we will be envious of those around us and feel as if what we possess is not adequate for our needs. Not only does this cause conflict between individuals and groups, it destroys relationships between families and friends. Many conflicts around the world arise from envy. A key example of this can be seen in a conflict between India and Pakistan over the northern border of Kashmir separating the two countries. Each claims it to be theirs and has caused frequent conflicts over the past decade resulting in the deaths of many civilians. We as humans must overcome many conflicts in our daily lives. These may be small and trivial at times but can also be immense and life changing. Even the simple task of getting out of bed on a cold morning may seem like a huge undertaking while a severe dispute within a social group resulting in exile will lead to life changing consequences. Conflict may even occur unknowingly to one’s self through actions that affect other individuals. Not everyone gets along with the people around them due to different habits, behaviour traits and way of life leading to disparities and conflicts Many people argue that it is possible to avoid conflict during our lives. They believe that living amicably and without resentment can help avoid conflict. Even though this is a
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