Conflict In The Half Mother

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The paper presents the current situation of the people of Kashmir. It is the study ofShahnaz Bashir’s- The Half Mother. The novels satirize the political and bureaucratic system, India’s tyrannical role and the Military oppression in Kashmir. The title of the paper is The Sufferings and Struggle of a Mother (Haleema) for her Disappeared Son (Imran) - In Shahnaz Bashir’s- Half Mother. Kashmir is a very beautiful place and was a princely state up to 1953 with its own prime minister. It is why Kashmir is generally known as paradise on earth and this paradise has become not hell but the ‘capital of hell’ due to mass killing, murder mystery, displacement, disappearance and sexual harassment, by military and paramilitary forces. The paper deals with…show more content…
Kashmir is the history of struggle, oppression, displacement, killing, murder mystery, rape etc. It was an independent state, having its own prime minister until 1953. The book details, how in the 1990s conflict and war in Kashmir, providential and innocent families crumpled, how their life became a hell, how young boys were arrested and disappeared, how mothers and wives were not allowed to meet their sons and husbands in jail, and how they were molested, raped and tormented. How families went from pillar to post in search of their relatives but walked back with ‘ big No’, how every politician consoled them, how others even don’t listen to them and how mothers, like Haleema, went to look for their sons till their last breath.
Shahnaz Bashir, in The Half Mother, debates a mother’s suffering, struggle and distressed state after her only son Imran is picked up by the troops. Haleema, the half mother like other myriad mothers who don’t know whether their sons are dead or alive, is tormented by not knowing whether Imran is dead or alive. She is torn apart by her own lonely existence and develops a habit of talking to herself, and suffers in insomnia, sleeplessness or
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