Conflict In The OSOS Band

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Conflict Essay Draft From the stands the one spirit one sound band looks like they have it all together but what happens behind those glass band hall doors? From bossy section leaders to immature young players, the band is full of negative energy. Friday night fun becomes out of control arguments. Class time turns into chaos just by someone messing up one thing. From laps to naps the band has had it all. The biggest conflict facing the OSOS band is bad attitudes. One day at practice, someone spoke up and said how another band member was being so depressing that they brought the entire section down. The person replied saying how the band was sounding and looking terrible and performance day was soon approaching. A well know way to eliminate a negative attitude is to talk to the person and ask their opinion…show more content…
For an example, placing first at a competition is a great feeling not only did you March well but also affected some people in the stands. Although practices are long and hot the benefits make it so much better. Band banquets, contest, long away football games, and parades are all great examples of the privileges that come with having good attitudes in the band. They only way to get to that point is to work hard with a good attitude. To conclude band members can have better attitudes by working together, having a common goal, and playing for god. Their common goal will answer the question of why they come to practice. Working together will show them that they are all here for each other. Playing for god will allow band members to play to glorify the lord in all they do, In doing all of these things they will grow As a group they will sound better, but as a family, they will become closer not only with each other but with god. They will grow so much by allowing each other to have a good attitude and uplift each
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