Conflict Indicators-Based Analysis

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There is a consensus on the lack of understanding of conflicts among experts and stakeholders. The aim of the toolkits used by the development agencies is to go so far as to accomplish their mission. The CAF, first and foremost, serves to establish linkage between vulnerabilities and poverty, and priority areas to focus through investigating the specific set of variables. The foundation for most of the currently applied frameworks is more or less the same: economic, political and socio-demographic aspects, natural resources, regime, and history of conflicts. Aid actors extend this basic list according to their mandate and values which for the CAF constitutes a macro level socio-economic context. The Conflict Assessment Framework of the…show more content…
Dilemmas are plenty: measuring and interpreting antecedents, incorporating into policies that are sensitively designed and implemented, closely following progress and interplay of interventions and tension all the while. One of the challenges and at the same time, objectives of the conflict-related agency is participation: who should be a part of it? Any one-sided decision feeds into tension, creates a new set of winners and losers (the World Development Report, 2011). There are evidences suggesting the World Bank’s teams being cognizant of this sensitivity. For instance, the case study showcases the project in Bishkek and Osh (Kyrgyzstan), which addressed the community level participation, as: “Community-specific social and conflict assessments were conducted and used to guide engagement and a communications strategy was developed and implemented to enhance communication between the implementing agency, local authorities and project-affected communities throughout implementation.… The process nonetheless was an improvement for some communities who had never before been involved in local decision making or seen local authorities engage responsively” (Stephen, 2014:21). The issue of inclusion also brings another significant aspect of the conflict analysis that is opportunities. The focus should be not only on threats or vulnerability but also on potential and
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