Conflict Is A Great Motivator Essay

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Conflict plays an important role in creating change. It fosters creativity and leads to “identifying new methods for solving problems” (Sullivan, 2013, p.161). Healthcare is constantly changing and evolving. Organizations must find ways to deliver quality care and do it more efficiently. Conflict is a great motivator to improve processes and efficiency leading to better patient outcomes. When performance improves so does staff morale which leads to improved caregiver satisfaction (Sullivan, 2013). Another way in which conflict leads to change is when there are competing priorities by more than one group. An example may be a unit process which has been handled the same way for years but, something has changed in another group or department, leading to the need for change, despite the fact that one group resists the change. In this scenario, a decision needs to be made for the solution that best serves the patient. In order to resolve the conflict, the manager needs to communicate with the parties involved by using “facts to support your point”, “speaking from the vantage point of the patient”, “explain what will best help the patient”, “and not inject what you personally want” (Sullivan, 2013, p. 161). Recently a situation arose on the inpatient unit I manage. A patient became agitated and was perceived by a couple of caregivers to be non-redirectable. They determined the patient required immediate medication for his agitation despite his verbal refusal. Their

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