Conflict Is A Multidimensional Concept With Both Detrimental And Beneficial Effects

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Conflict Conflict can be explained as a multidimensional concept with both detrimental and beneficial effects. Most explanation settles on conflict as a process involving two or more individuals, where a person perceives the opposition of the other. The nursing occupation is one that is centered on collaborative relations with both coworkers and patients. The situation requires individuals to work closely with others with varying backgrounds or cultures. Individuals can embrace diverse values, hypothetically affecting these relationships, which could result in conflict. Cultural diversity, coalesced with the strain of delivering quality care, often results in conflict. Consequently, an unsettled conflict leads to hurdles for staffs, teams, structural growth, and efficiency, which result in a cultural breakdown within the organization. Conflict is an accepted phenomenon; it is an inevitable fact of life. It’s explained as a disagreement amid individuals who perceive a threat to their essentials, interests, and or concerns. When conflict is wrongly managed conflict can result in the nurses’ inability to provide quality care, which can spiral into violence or abuse in the work environments. In nursing work milieus, conflict amongst nurses is becoming an important concern resulting in patient dissatisfaction, job unhappiness, absenteeism, and turnover. Though debated often in the nursing text, nursing research has focused mainly on conflict management deprived of first
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