Conflict Is Essential For Organisational Success . In This

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Conflict is essential for organisational success

In this current era of modernization and development, there is a serious economic war between firms of different sizes. Many firms have capabilities to success in the market and maintain their position for a very long period of time. Such firms that keep the hold of the market deals with the organisational conflicts effectively and efficiently (1). It is obvious that one can find different nature of people in a workplace and thus causing conflicts. Many researchers and scholars have mentioned that organisational conflict is unavoidable and it is the duty of managers and leaders to manage the conflict to achieve remarkable success and to stand out in the market. As it is clearly noticed
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In addition, another main cause of organisational conflict is the ambition and enthusiasm of different individuals. Each individual has his or her own way of achieving goals and get the self-motivation by taking different decisions. It is very rare that in a firm a group of individuals completely agree with another group without presenting their own point of view or thinking. Such behaviour of individuals at some point create conflicts, which if not resolved or managed at the right time or in a right way will affect the success of an organisation. Moreover, workplace conflict can also be divided into two different types, firstly, it arises when people take some decisions or actions that are more focused to their jobs and they are in opposition. Second scenario will be when two different type or nature of employee don’t get along. This second category if not resolved at the beginning of conflict it can sometime become clash and thus become very challenging for the management to address.
In a workplace conflict has both a positive and negative effect on the success of an organisation. Positive impact of conflict includes new born creativity, new change to replace old conditions, ability to represent unique and diverse point of view and removing interpersonal differences that can help in enhancement of individual capabilities. It can cause a negative effect when a firm doesn’t
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