Conflict Is Not Always A Bad Thing

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In life, there is the inevitability that as you progress through your day, you may find yourself in some type of conflict with another person because without conflict, there would be no definitive change in the world. More specifically you will find yourself in an interpersonal conflict, where you will be in a disagreement with another person on a way to satisfy either one of your needs or goals. Both people are also interdependent on each other during this exchange since one person’s words or actions affect the other person. Conflict is not always a bad thing, though, as we are all individual people that have our own unique take on the world around us. Through our clashes with each other, we can learn more about another person, reinforce ideas within our relationship, and be directed to areas of the relationship that may need to be worked on by one or both partners. Though in today’s modern world of texting, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, the Internet, etc., people tend to hide behind their self-lit screens when dealing with conflict they have with a person. Those communication-lean channels cannot help you resolve this conflict fully, since being in the same room with that person can tell you more about the meaning of their words to you. By using your interpersonal perception skills, you can interpret their body language and if it reinforces the “truth” of their words to you regarding the conflict. You can also use active perception by asking them questions to help resolve

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