Conflict, Man Vs. Society

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Conflict In a story the conflict moves the plot making it one of the most important features. There are four types of conflict, man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. society, and man vs. himself. In the short story “The Necklace” the conflict would be described as man vs. himself, or man vs. society.
The first idea that supports that statement would be when the author introduces the main character, Mathilde . He tells of how she is taunted about her shabby apartment for its dingy walls, worn-out furniture, and ugly drapes. This is not only an external conflict of man vs. society, but it fuels the internal conflict. Mathilde thinks she deserves a better life than what she has with more riches and luxuries because of her beauty and charm. She is also resentful of her husband not being any higher class This is an internal conflict because Mathilde is not satisfied with her life and cannot accept how it is. This conflict giving the readers an explanation of Mathilde and the story’s first problem. The second idea supporting the conflict being man vs. himself or man vs. society, is when Mathilde 's husband invites her to a ball. He thought it would make her delighted, but instead she is sad everyone will show up beautifully dressed, while she does not even have an appropriate gown. This conflict is a mixture of man vs. man, and man vs. society, because even though she is doubting herself of elegancy, she is being persuaded by the fact of everyone else being dressed
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