Conflict Management : An Organization

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Conflict management is the most important factor which needs to be capitalized in an organization for it enhances good coordination and integration between the employees and management in order to ascertain quality performances and productivity. Conceptualization of this factor strengthens the relationship between the employees and managers in an organization; hence it is easy to achieve goals and objectives. Moreover, conflict management plays a crucial role through which it enhances stress free situations between the individual employees, it is very fundamental to handle conditions and situations which are volatile in an organization in advanced stages for it facilitates the implementation of productivity ideas. The scope of conflict…show more content…
Having worked for more than eight years in the marketing department, the marketing director has not at any means commendably recommended for my position promotion and salary increment. Majority of coworkers employed currently have gained and benefited a lot in the organization as the director has constantly reviewed for constant salary increment. This perspective approach of the director has necessitated a hostile environment which basically conspire conflict as for it is discriminatory (Friedman & Strickler, 2001).
Discrimination is one of the main comparison factors between Kate’s and my situation; this condition is definitely ascertained by the biasness of the senior supervisors subjection to individual workers based on personal differences and conflicts. When the supervisor failed to review Kate definitely constituted to discrimination as this affected on her promotion in the organization, similar to my case where I have worked for more than eight years in one position without any job promotion and salary benefits increment (Gardner et al, 2005).
Sexual harassment is one of the main core factors that enhanced Kate’s discrimination in the manufacturing company, she is the only female in the department assigned to work and thus due to personal differences and misunderstanding the manager never reviewed her in the organization. This is one of the most serial
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