Conflict Management And Visionary Leadership

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This paper will synthesize in groups, topics and subtopics of articles previously used in week four and five of this course. These articles are about conflict management styles in various organizations using Nigeria as a case study. The authors Kaban & Conar (2012) wrote this article “Conflict Management and Visionary Leadership” to find efficient conflict measures to resolve conflict without harming institution targets and activities. Prause and Mujtab (2015) looked into the current “Current Management Practice in diverse workplace” with the purpose of finding best conflict management style. Rahim (2002) researched on “Toward a Theory of Managing Organizational Conflict”. Alabi (2010) studied “Management of Conflicts and Crises in Nigeria: Education Planner’s View” while Akintayo (2012) researched on the “Influence of Management Style on Conflict Effectiveness in Work Organization South-Western Nigeria” with the purpose of ascertaining the relative impact of managerial strategy on conflict resolution effectiveness towards ensuring sustainable organizational peace. However, each of the authors presents a conflict style to control crises in the organization. According to the authors there are many sources of organizational conflict in Nigeria; however this situation presents great challenges on CEOs’ on applicable measures on how to manage conflict. Most organizations in Nigeria have difficulties managing employee conflict and therefore the need to introduce various
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