Conflict Management At The Workplace Setting

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Executive Summary

We are all wired with the ability to have our own opinions, ideas and sets of beliefs. Conflict, an inevitable part of life, pertains to the opposing ideas and actions of different entities. We often find ourselves in conflict in different scenarios; whether it involves other individuals, groups of people, or a struggle within our own selves. Consequently, conflict influences our actions and decisions in one way or another. Conflict can have significant impact in the workplace and should not be ignored. It is essential for managers, supervisors, and even coworkers to address individuals that are causing office conflicts. The need for managers to have better leadership and management skills to handle their complex responsibilities is well recognized. The following case introduces conflict management in the workplace setting. The foundation of conflict management centers on communication techniques including transparent communication, open discussion, active listening and timing of intervention. This case analyzes the cause of conflicts, reviews techniques of conflict management, and discusses specific management styles such as: avoidance, competition, accommodation, compromise, and collaboration.

Case scenario (background) Bill has been working for five years for a mining company. He started in the office but has recently moved out on the road as a salesperson, obtaining business for the company. Bill is not an expert in mining but…
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