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Conflict Management Temple Jackson BUS 610 Organizational Behavior Professor Brittney Davis February 22, 2015 Conflict Management People will have disagreements everyday. Commonly, people cannot find ways to agree because we are all different in many ways. Our family upbringing, religious beliefs, cultural background, traditions, ethnicity, and gender are some of the factors that allow us to form our perceptions about life. These characteristics cause us to have diverse opinions on the way we handle various situations. Whenever a group people try to apply their viewpoints to certain circumstances, the outcome is usually conflict. "Conflict is defined as two or more individuals who fail to agree or have…show more content…
Conflict Management: Sources and Levels Since the success of a fitness club depends on a safe environment, conflict management is imperative to resolve the issues between the operational staff and the instructors. Initially, the management must determine the sources, level, and magnitude of the conflict in order to find a solution. "Indeed, the complications between the various members, instructors, and operational staff create a intragroup conflict" (Baack, 2012). In this case, the instructors have problems with broken exercise machines, sound systems issues, broken or missing microphones, and air conditioning problems. Because of these complications, the instructors have difficulty teaching classes because the speakers are distort and the broken microphones make it hard for the members to hear while in their fitness classes. The air conditioner is not working properly means that the members are exercising in hot temperatures and could risk fainting during the classes. Additionally, the instructors must run classes with the door open and the loud music disturbs the other members who are trying to use the other fitness equipment outside of the main workout room. Many times, the members are complaining to the management about the music and attempt to closes the doors to the workout rooms. Then, the instructors open them once more since the

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