Conflict Management In Organizations

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Conflict management Conflict is defined as a struggle or contests between who have needs, ideas, beliefs, values or goals that are often thought to be in opposition to one another. The existence or emergence of conflict in a team is something that cannot be avoided or rather it is inevitable. Conflicts might escalate and bring about results that are not productive. On the other hand conflict can be resolved beneficially and lead to final products that have quality. Therefore it is mandatory to consider the management of conflict as an integral part of a team that has high performance. Though no one is set to look for conflict or goes out looking for conflict, conflicts occur as a result of miscommunication between people when it comes to regarding their needs, goals, ideas, beliefs and values .conflict management therefore is a principle all conflicts cannot be necessarily be resolved but learning how to manage the conflicts that come up can decrease the odds of the escalation of results that are not productive. Conflict management therefore involves the acquisition of skills that are related to conflict resolution, self awareness about the conflict modes, conflict communication skills and the eventual establishment of structures for the management of conflicts in respective environments (Billikipf, 2006). When dealing with conflict and how to effectively manage the conflicts there are various factors that cannot go without mentioning. These factors are; Communication,
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