Conflict Management

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Conflict Management can often be the toughest task for a leader to handle. It involves dealing with inter-personal and intra-personal conflict. As a team leader of a technical event called Pulse’09 at my university, I had to deal with conflicts on a regular basis. Conflicts usually arise either due to lack of effective communication, different ideologies, lack of resources or due to task interdependence [3]. It was by far my most life changing experience as it taught me the reason behind conflicts and the way to resolve them. In this paper, I will be talking about the way I dealt with conflicts and managed them, the impact they had on the team performance and what I could do to improve my leadership by contrasting my experience to the…show more content…
Members began to work more for the success of their groups and indirectly contributed to the success of Pulse’09. Communication was not an issue anymore and meetings were held regularly. There were times when the groups met more than once during the week to discuss individual progress. Team meetings saw less of conflicts and more of a productive discussion that was aimed at the success of the event. Incorporating a reward system, I guess was the key that created a sense of healthy competition amongst the individual groups and made the members strive towards the goal. As the event came closer, the more positive I felt about the success of Pulse’09. The last meetings focused on bringing together the work done by individual groups. The norms remained the same and thus, the productivity of the team as a whole too didn’t seem to lessen. The event was a huge success and was listed amongst the top 10 technical festivals to attend in the ‘Times of India’ newspaper. When I think back now, I feel I could have done a better job in showcasing my leadership skills. Especially after attending the leadership class, I could have done a lot differently. It was my first time as a leader and no doubt I had done a good job, but with experience I definitely feel that I could have executed a better leadership style at the event. If given a chance again, I would definitely be aware of the
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