Conflict Management Styles Among Corporate Executives

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Considering a potential research study on “Conflict Management Styles among Corporate Executives in Developing Countries – Nigeria a Case Study”, for a signature assignment as one prepares for dissertation topic requires good concentration. It requires a lot of time for proofreading to avoid errors and as well ethical issues. However, to achieve this, this paper will address: a problem statement, purpose statement, research method, describe potential study participants, research questions, the target group, gaining access and permission to the group, compensation to the participants, ensuring confidentiality to the group, and data collection methods. Problem Statement Organizational conflict arises when an individual or group perceives a threat to her/their interest. Most organizational conflicts in Nigeria emerge due to the inability of the system to fulfill the collective agreement with the employees (Ekong, 2000). This leads to employees quitting from the job. Another source of conflict exists between employees; arguments and competition for promotion, position and performance being the causes. Employees resigning from jobs in large numbers could lead to lower productivity and bad organizational reputation in most situations. However, as a result of large number of cases of poor conflict management, its growing complexity and management in organizational settings in Nigeria; it has become necessary to examine best conflict management styles and also the
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