Essay on Conflict Management Styles

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Conflict is known to be inseparable in all human interactions. In any organization, role differentiation acquires the different uses of conflict handling styles. Work direction, reward, supervision, discipline and performance review also involve the use of conflict handling styles. Organizational change and control is also viewed from a conflict perspective. In attempts to explain the nature or dynamics of a particular organizational phenomenon, conflict may be incorporated as a causal factor (Brown and Peterson, 1993). Our society is concerned with the issue on how the skills of leaders can be enriched so as to enable them to act with greater proficiency when their contributions are from dealing with and through people …show more content…
1.1 Purpose and Significance of the Study
This research analyzes in general the distribution of conflict handling styles and its consequences in terms of subordinates’ satisfaction from leadership and leaders effectiveness in Pakistani organizations. There is hardly any study done to investigate the consequences of leader styles of handling conflicts in the Pakistani settings with the same objective. Achieving greater understanding of the styles of handling conflict and adopting the appropriate one will enable the leaders to better achieve their objective in maintaining organizational harmony and good unity. This research is inevitably conducted in Pakistani cultural setting with its diverse social and organizational culture. It will be interesting to look at how Pakistani workforce responds to different conflict handling styles as social behavior is normally implanted and entrenched in the given society. Another reason for considering this study is to extend the validity of previous research findings regarding the relationships between conflict handling styles and satisfaction from leadership in Pakistani work environment. This will provide an opportunity for comparing the consequences of conflict handling style in this region with those reported as occurring in the
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