Conflict Management and Teamwork

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Reflective Account: Conflict Management & Teamwork Introduction Overview I am a midwife working on a ward with several other healthcare professionals, including nurses, doctors, licensed technical staff, and within the dynamics of my workplace there are incidents and stressors that cause conflict, but in most cases our training in teamwork can help us smooth out the ruffled feathers / conflicts between staff members. Reflective Account of Teamwork and Conflict Management Before there can be training in teamwork there needs to be a team leader to organize the training. Our ward did not really have a team leader the doctors and two of the three nurses had no leadership training until Mary Davis was hired. Davis had been hired away from another hospital in another town because she had a lot of experience working in pediatrics, and working with midwifes and families. She also had a wealth of experience in team building, which the administration in this hospital saw as invaluable to the success of our program. However, when she was introduced to our group on this ward she immediately began lecturing us on why we need to work as a team. She had been appraised by management in the hospital that there tended to be conflict between the midwifes myself and the other midwife who works part time and the RNs over precise steps before and after delivery. But rather than get acquainted with all of us and perhaps observe how we go about out duties and responsibilities, Davis began
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