Conflict Mode Style Worksheet

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Individual Worksheet: Conflict Modes / Styles (Due Week Four)
In team settings, individual team members generally handle conflict in five key ways as identified in an adaptation of the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Inventory (1976): Avoidance, Accommodation, Competition, Compromise, and Collaboration. All five conflict styles can be both beneficial and/or costly to individual and team success. It can also be argued that all five conflict styles may be useful to resolve conflicts under certain circumstances. Please review the five conflict styles listed below:
Individual preferences for managing conflict within the Thomas-Kilman Conflict Inventory:
Avoidance (Lose – Lose Orientation)
a. Low concern for
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Perhaps there is a problem with their meeting times and as a group, then can collectively compromise.
Scenario 2
Roxanne and Carlos have worked together on a work project before and established a good working relationship. As managers in their organization, they have been assigned to meet with three other managers, Annika, Carol, and Justin. However, once all members begin to work together as a team, some interesting individual behaviors are observed.
Annika doesn’t go out of her way to contribute, but instead nods her head, seemingly agrees with the group, yet returns to her department and complains how the group never accomplishes anything. Rumors fly throughout the organization and dis-information reaches Roxanne, who, so far, has not confronted Annika nor shared what she knows.
Annika has managed to secure side agreements with Carol, who now comes to the meetings with agenda items that have nothing to do with the discussion. Meanwhile, Justin just tries to keep the peace among the team members and continually soothes the members during the discussion. Meanwhile, both Roxanne and Carlos, who had secured initial team agreements about Ground Rules and a team action plan, are becoming restless and agitated because after two meetings, the team doesn’t seem to be making progress. At this point, Roxanne, who is no longer patient, abruptly calls the team meeting to an end after making a personal statement directed at
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