Conflict Of Interest Between Employer And Workman Essay

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There is and will be an on-going conflict of interest between employer and workman. On one hand employer looks for more and more investment opportunity while on the other hand workman demands for better standard of living. Though there can be mechanism to reduce the tension but we don’t see a permanent answer to the issue. One of the very strong mechanisms identified is in the form of Industrial dispute act. The prime objective of the Industrial Disputes Act is to ensure industrial peace and harmony by providing machinery and procedure for the investigation and settlement of industrial disputes by negotiations. In the words of Krishna Iyer J.: “The industrial dispute act is the benign measure which seeks to pre-empt industrial tensions, provide energies of partners in production may not be dissipated in counterproductive battles and assurances of Industrial justice may create a climate of goodwill” The objectives of Industrial Dispute act as outlined by S. K. Das in workman of Dimakuchi Tea State v. Dimakuchi Tea State are as follows:  Promotion of measures for securing and preserving amity and good relations between the employer and workmen.  An investigation and settlement of industrial disputes between employers and employers, employers and workmen or workmen and workmen  Prevention of illegal strike and lockout  Relief to workmen in the manner of lay-off and retrenchment  Collective Bargaining History The industrial dispute act has evolved with the core intention

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