Conflict Of The Middle East

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Quinn O’Leary
Conflict in the Middle East There has almost always been some kind of conflict in the Middle East, from modern conflicts with ISIS, to the long lasting conflicts over Jerusalem with the Palestinians and the Jews. Muslim world has always, in some shape or form, been very complicated. From the Fertile Crescent, to the war on terrorism, they have always played a part in history from good to bad. With only 21% of Muslims being extremist, why are they so powerful and not being over thrown with the majority of Muslims not being extremists? With so many people opposing this you would think that the Muslim governments would try their hardest not to hand there county’s over to the Muslim extremists. Muslim world has a lot of
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Most Middle Eastern country’s follow the Sharia law which is a religious law that is enforced in many parts of the world and followed by many people. This just be the case why many of the followers of Sharia law think that we are at wrong because many of the rules in Sharia law are based upon the Quran which gives a religious standpoint for the followers of Sharia law. Many of the western world’s people believe that Sharia law oppresses the people who are forced to live under it most of all the women live a very restricted life there whole life. A women being beaten or abused by her husband, father, brother, or other male member of the family is considered ok under Sharia law if she was disobeying them in any way. And to disobey a male figure in your life is as easy as singing in front of someone, or speaking out of turn than some of these women have to be very careful under Sharia law. Also under Sharia law to move away from Islam is punishable by death one of the many hardships this oppressed people have to worry about every day of their life’s. Many people know or has had their country affected by Muslim extremists in some way it could be from the 9/11 attacks to the girls kidnapped from there school in Nigeria. Most of the time when we think of Muslim extremist we think of terrist groups such as Boko Haram, ISIS, or Al-Qaeda who are to
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