Conflict Perspective On Bullying

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“A 14-year-old girl in treatment for depression, reported that she was being bullied in school. She said that girls in her classes constantly made negative comments about her appearance, dress, and behavior. They excluded her from social activities despite her desire to participate. She said that the girls were telling lies about her to boys in the class, which was damaging her reputation. What upsets her the most was that an online site had been created in which students were encouraged to write all the reasons they hated her. She cried and said that she could not avoid the bullying even outside of school. She believed the only way to escape the bullying was to not exist anymore, and she confirmed that she was suicidal.”(Karen 2016) Bullying at the age of 13-19 increases the rate of depression, anxiety, suicide, and other mental health issues. Bullying is plaguing teens across the United States and is causing possible mental health issues later in victims’ lives. Each local community needs to take action to dull the effects bullying has on teens.
Thesis Perspective
Bullying can be explained through the conflict perspective as the bully and the victim view the bully as the higher ranked individual of their situations. The conflict perspective also deals with the competition for goods. Like the conflict perspective bully's also compete for goods by bullying. In most cases bullies’ motives fall under the conflict theory for what they try and get out of bullying like: social
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