Conflict Resolution : An Integral Aspect Of Human Interaction

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Conflict resolution is an integral aspect of human interaction, but many people fail to navigate through it successfully. This course covered the many components that can lead to successful resolution. Two segments specifically differentiated themselves from the rest; the discussion focused on interests, not positions, and the section on the use of objective criteria. My behaviors have been positively altered by the aforementioned concepts and I have experienced higher success as a result. My past experiences with conflict have set the tone for how well I do with conflict resolution. I’ve developed some bad habits; avoid conflict and avoid accountability. This led to the practice of bottling my emotions. I kept everything to myself with the hope that it would prevent external conflict. My frustration did not have a proper outlet and this created a lot of internal conflict for me. I became my own worst enemy without realizing it. I felt that this internal conflict created by myself was enough to bear, so further accountability was deferred. I justified the deferment with good intentions. I allowed my good intentions to become the scapegoat regardless of the direct outcome of my actions; it’s okay because I didn’t have mal-intent. These processes caused me terrible trouble over the years and I continue to rebuild how I handle conflict. For example, growing up my sister was always louder than me and had a bigger presence that required more attention. Squeaky wheel gets the
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