Conflict Resolution And Child Custody

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Conflict Resolution & Child Custody
As a future marital and family therapist and even as a trainee, it is important to understand the systemic thinking behind the practice. For those therapists, like myself, that want to become experts in more an area, it is also important to delve into the theory and practice of that area. For example, child custody is a big piece to conflict resolution when it comes to thinking systemically in the family. The current divorce rate is around 50 percent and ever rising, which can be troubling yet promising when it comes to the mediation field.
For the judicial system, this causes case overload, tired workers, and a lot of fees for the citizens going to the family courts. One of the biggest things that could potentially stop a family from being happy with their results is if the courts assign them custody agreements without thinking about each individual factor. Each family is different and there is no cookie cutter answer when it comes to child custody. If the family is assigned a family mediator, not only will it save long term costs, it can help ensure each party feels heard and they are voluntarily agreeing to the terms.
Reasoning for Choosing Topic
When assigned this paper, I had no idea what to write about, since the conflict resolution is so broad. But I sat down and thought about why I decided to take this class and why I wanted to get my mediation certificate. As I said in class, I have seen really poor mediation, I have seen

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