Essay about Conflict Resolution

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Many people lead busy and challenging lives, so they encounter conflict on a daily and sometimes hourly basis at home or at work. As for the people who become involved in conflict, they rarely have any or little understanding about the sources of conflict or how to manage it when it occurs. The whole other level that many people fail to understand is how often nurses encounter conflict and how difficult it can be to find a resolution. Between dealing with patients and their family, nurses also have to be on the same page as the doctors, other nurses, as well as people from other departments in the hospital. Nurses in particular encounter conflict and usually have no understanding of how to resolve it, which is a major problem health…show more content…
Patient’s feel like they have more power and understanding when they are physically involved. Not only is it their right to know what you are doing to their body, but it also helps in their recovery significantly. As nurses, it is our responsibility to understand and recognize that everyone has different communication styles and responses to conflict. Healthcare in general is so complex, that it allows room for numerous errors. Nurses deal with people from diverse cultures, so they have to be willing to work with the patient to learn their beliefs and respect the patient at the same time. A language barrier can create much conflict, especially since patients as well as nurses are both more than likely to become frustrated. Nurses have to take all measures to creating calm situations, so that the patient can stay in a relaxed state during their stay. If they feel uneasy and unsure about what is going on, they will not feel comfortable with you caring for them, which can also cause more problems than necessary. There are many mechanisms that have been established to help prevent conflict as well as conflict resolution. For example, the AVID approach is a great tool that anyone can use. In order to deal with the stress of everyday life, this simple method of thinking about others and situations may help you stay focused and positive while interacting with others. The AVID approach includes assuming, validating, ignoring, and
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