Conflict Resolution Essay

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Conflict Resolution

     What does conflict resolution mean to me? Conflict resolution is when an impartial or neutral person puts a plan into action to resolve and settle issues within an organization or a team. In the business world today a great amount of focus is being placed on employees working as team unit to increase new ideas, distribute more job responsibilities among a larger group, and most important create a unified front and camaraderie. Along with advantages there are always disadvantages, wherever there are teams, there is a chance for conflict. Conflict is almost a guarantee. As long as team members possess the ability to think independently, there will always be a difference of opinion. Conflict
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It is extremely vital to the livelihood of a team for the team members to be able use conflict resolutions or reach out to another individual who has conflict resolution skills.
     Is conflict constructive or destructive? Conflict can be good for a team if the members involved in the conflict learn some type of lesson about the issue. It also can create a solution for future problems with different individuals. It can create a sense of unity and fresh ideas on ways to resolve the conflict. Conflict can also be a very destructive force to an organization if after all is said and done, conflict continues without a resolution. It creates chaos instead of camaraderie and divides teams or different groups of people. What causes conflict? There are numerous reasons that conflict may arise within a team. A team with many different people includes many different personalities, cultures, values, attitudes, needs, expectations, etc.
     In order to resolve conflict it is very important to follow a few steps:
1.     Analyze the reason for the disagreement.
2.     Create several solutions or options for all parties involved.
3.     Make sure all involved agree on the solution.
4.     Implement the solution immediately, time is of the essence.
5.     Follow up on the situation

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