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When two or more people come together with an aligned goal, a team is formed. This team is comprised of members, each with his own plan of action to best achieve the task at hand. Many times one member believes that his point of view is the most correct or most efficient, while another member of the team may disagree, offering her idea as best. When one individual challenges another, conflict is born. This is a very basic example, and only one type of conflict is addressed. In reality, there are several types of conflict; some positive, some negative. The sources of conflict are as varied as each member’s own personality style. Humans differ in countless ways. These differences contribute to the strength of team
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Negative conflict can also occur when team members cannot put aside their difference in personality and cause personality clashes. The differences in personality styles are infinite, and among them are the types that can embrace these differences. Unfortunately, other types cannot accept even the slightest inconsistency. These clashes can slow down or even halt the team’s progress. As we become aware of the types of conflicts we face, and the ability to understand how they affect our lives, there is also a need to understand where the root causes of the conflict stem from. Conflict arises from a multitude of sources that reflect our differences: personality, values, ideologies, religion, culture, race, and behavior. It also arises from simple miscommunication. [1]

III. Sources of Conflict

Sources for team conflict can come from many avenues, one of the most prevalent examples that our study will show is based on different values. Our different values are beliefs or principles we consider to be very important. Serious conflicts arise when people hold incompatible values or when values are not clear. Conflicts also arise when one party refuses to accept the fact that the other party holds something as a value rather than a preference. We must learn to understand and cope with our differences in lifestyles and choices if we are going to achieve a sense of unity a team environment. Another

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