Conflict Resolution

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Almost all organizations have relationships, which are possible agents of conflicts. Conflict refers to human confrontations, which create disagreements between two or more parties. Within a normal human interaction, it is obvious to find conflicting opinions, ideologies, principles, and structures of believe. Some instances of disagreements and difference in pathways of executing difficult and minor activities within an organization or company create conflicts. Ways of thinking cannot be similar among two and more people. Approaches of work, desires, and needs among people are of diverse magnitudes.
In trying to have common and universal way of activity, it is imperative to involve a number of mechanisms integrating diversity on the conflicting commodities. Opinions keep changing among individuals within an organization. Furthermore, it is hard to have a common way of focusing on situations and responding to different needs of growth and development within a corporation or organization. When such incidences of disagreements on opinions occur, it becomes hard for an organization or institution to pursue its normal pathways of growth and development. Therefore, it needs what is called conflict resolution measure or approach (Kellett and Diana 68).
Conflicts are of two main difference or perception within an organization. Conflicts can be hugely powerful and…

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