Conflict Resolution and the Australian Contract Law

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However, as noted by Australian Government (2012), said law is currently under review and subject to evolution in the near future. This will be some relevance to the discussion hereafter, which considers the implications of a contract between the parties of JG (the represented) and ITMS (the representation) and further consider the implications of a conflict arising over this contract.

Conflict Experience: Briefly, the conflict experience delineated in the case history concerns the signing of Australian women's tennis player JG with management and marketing firm ITMS with the intention that the latter would help secure marketing and sponsorship opportunities for the former. As JG continued to perform well in her responsibilities as a rising tennis star elevating her rank and achieving a relatively singular status in the field of Australian women's tennis her management firm failed to capitalize on the opportunities newly available to her. According to the case history, "in 2010, JG had her most successful year on the Women's Tennis Association (WTA) tour finishing the year ranked 42 in the world. During the period of 2010, no further business opportunities were presented to JG by ITMS. Meanwhile, Australia's two other top players were increasing their profile, through endorsements, within both the international and…
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