Conflict Style Assessment

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By the time you are an adult, your basic orientation to conflicts in particular context is in place. Dr Hebbard, through your experience, How do we change this behavior under pressure, abnormal circumstances and maintain consistency?

Conflict styles are patterned responses, or clusters of behavior that people use in conflict. My family participated in the Conflict Style Assessment. Three assessments were performed and listed are the results. Results 1(I assessed myself)= 15, 17, 17, 20, 19 Results 2(my oldest daughter assessment of me)= 17, 15, 21, 17, 24 and Results 3(My wife assessment of me)= 9, 10, 16, 14, 22.

The author stated that the only way to really manage conflict is to work through it by engaging the other person. According
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The Architect as an informal group leader directly and indirectly challenges groupthink, which positively impacts all members of the jury.

The third clip start with the Foreman calling into order the members of the jury for a vote. The votes resulted with eight guilty to four not guilty.

The Watchmaker changes his vote from guilty to not guilt and smiles at the Architect. The Architect was able to challenge the jurors thinking and cause them to think for themselves.

The Architect participated in the conflict concerning the old man’s testimony by focusing on the issue. The Architect continues his dominating style of conflict resolution by asked the foreman for a diagram of the apartment. The Architect objective was to show the jurors how important this issue is and how it will impact the outcome.

During a debate over substantial evidence the Architect align with Mr. Ghetto to explore the facts. The Architect stated how does an old man who drags one foot while he walks, because of a stroke, which he can get to his front door in fifteen seconds. After strategically staging and demonstrating an example of the old man’s testimony, it appears that all but one juror member is align with the
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Dad immediately expresses is dissatisfaction by verbally stating that basically they are wasting time. Mr. Wimpy appears to be focus on the issue and states that it will only take a minute.

The members voted and the results are the same until the Watch Maker changed his mind seconds later. The Watch Maker is aligning with Architect, Mr. Ghetto and the Old Man.

The Watch Maker changed vote triggered Dad as he continues to explode and become very angry and agitated. He stated very loudly that the kid is guilty why do you listen to the facts! Dad tries to entice Wall Street to align with him in the dispute. Dad shifts for the issue and begins to focus on the person. He stated, what is this love your under privileged brother. Dad’s verbal Aggressiveness and verbal abuse are forms of communication violence.

Dad approaches the Watch Maker and asked him a question. Why did you change your vote? Dad is trying to be very dominating in his approach. The Watch Maker stated that he did not have to defend his decision but mention that he had a reasonable
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