Conflict Theory

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Conflict Theory
The modern society is a kind of an organization that consists of individual participants and social groups. These groups are engaged in a constant struggle the primary objective of which is to maximize individual profits of people and social groups. The struggle for maximizing the profits has become the main feature of modern capitalist society. The situation like this inevitably leads to conflict.
The conflict theory has a long history of development. Initially, the conflict theory was introduced with the aim to explain conflict between social classes. At those times the major source of conflict between different social groups was the growing inequality between different social groups. The inequality resulted in the
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What is the most interesting about the conflict theory is that it helps people understand the major principles according to which our society is functioning. (Korgen, White 14)
When looking into the very essence of the conflict theory we can find out that it views the society as dialects. The dialects are the opposing forces that inevitably exist in any society. The presence of the opposing forces often creates the conflict in the society. This conflict frequently occurs between the owners of production or societal goods and those people who bring benefits to the owners of production.
Apart from analyzing conflicts within a society, conflict theory can be also applied to making the analysis of different aspects of the society. Healthcare belongs to the list of societal aspects that can be analyzed with the help of the conflict theory.
In this paper I am going to analyze the problems in modern healthcare with the help of the conflict theory. The essence of conflict theory can be better understood with the help of the classic 'pyramid structure '. The use of this structure helps to clarify the essence of elite groups that currently function in the state. (Berman 41)
All major institutions that currently work in the state are designed with the aim to support those people who work for the system. The groups that govern the society are often perceived as
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