Conflict Theory Essay

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According to Robbins et al (2006), there are various concepts that are important in understanding conflict theory. These concepts include conflict, power, minority, and change. Demico Booth writes and reflects on the various aspects of his life that occurred during his incarceration, release and re incarceration. Throughout Booth’s book he reflects on why the percentage of Black men in prison continues to grow at alarming rates. Through the concepts associated with conflict theory the events leading up to Booths incarceration on both occasions can be analyzed.
“Conflict is a clash or struggle between opposing forces or interests,” (Robbins et al, 2006, p.66). Throughout this time in his life Booth had to experience various clashes
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Because of the conflict between Booth and his father he along with his siblings were forced to go without some of the necessities. This conflict eventually led to Booth along with some of his younger siblings selling drugs. It was because of drugs that Booth found himself facing a 10 year prison sentence. “Whoever originally came up with the idea to industrialize and then capitalize off of the criminalization and incarceration of millions of black men could arguably have their names mentioned in the same breath as the Henry Ford’s, John Rockefeller’s and Bill Gates of the world, but more befittingly with the Hitler’s, Stalin’s, and Mussolini’s,” (Booth, 2007, pg.24). Throughout this time in his life Booth is reflecting on how the prison system became a billion dollar corporation. Booth argues that the reason prisons remain and are constantly at capacity is because laws such as the Crack vs. Powder exist. These laws have been established and enforced by individuals and corporations that have a direct interest in the prison system. As Booth (2007), points out:
The major investors and profiteers in CCA are politically connected high profile people or individuals in the know who invested in the IPO stage (the initial Public Offering of the stock) because they had first hand, dependable information that prisons would be a most profitable investment in the upcoming future. (Some are very famous celebrities and ex-politicians, so many of them set up their
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