Conflict Theory Of The Criminology Field

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Conflict Theory

Experts in the criminology field have searched for ways to comprehend criminal behavior by establishing specific theories. One of the most interesting theories is certainly the Conflict theory. Although, some criminologists refer to conflict theory as radical theory; there are a few differences that will be mentioned subsequently in this paper by defining both theories. It is also important to mention a summary containing a combination of the radical and conflict theory principles. The relevance and applicability of this specific theories will also be discussed as it is essential for the continuation of same. Having a clear understanding of the conflict and radical theories roots as well as its development enhances the view of how the current criminal justice system operates. Evidently and unfortunately, it seems that parts of the criminal justice system practices were created to benefit somehow the powerful richer people.
First of all, conflict theory is derived from Max Weber and Georg Simmel, German sociologists who initiated this idea of how the upper class affects in a negative way the lower class. In other words, conflict theory can be defined as the “inequality based on differences in wealth, status, ideas, religious beliefs, and so forth” (Lanier, Henry, & Anastasia, 2015, p. 245). These inequalities are the reason causing many conflicts between the rich and the poor in a disproportionate divided society. The term
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