Conflict Theory On Islamophobia

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Since the incident of 9/11 occurred, many people have debated over the Muslim faith and its practices. Muslim extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS have affected the name of Islam causing majority of Muslims to be blamed. Recently, a tragic event that occurred in Paris killing over a hundred people left the people of France shaken with fear and anger. These events have lead to an increasing amount of hate and tension towards Muslims all over the world from protests at mosques, where Muslims go to pray, and anti-Muslim rally’s. Islamophobia is a massive issue that has steered European counties like France to enforce laws that ban religious garments that Muslims wear such as the niqab and burqa. Some people perceive these garments to be…show more content…
In terms of the conflict perspective, it sheds a light on Karl Marx and Max Weber and their take of religion in society. While these two offer different views of religion from a conflict perspective, they suggest that faith has been used to justify or support social inequality. Since the conflict theory focuses on who holds the power in society, they would see where and what power Muslims hold. The feminist theory on this issue would ask how do these restrictions and actions towards Muslims affect women? The feminist theory in the face of Islam is constantly brought up because many people believe Islam oppresses their women. There are claims that the religious garments Muslim wear are oppressing and depleting their womanhood. With a symbolic interactionist perspective, it focuses on the way in which the words and meanings have an impact of interactions to individuals and groups in society. Islam is analyzed with its beliefs and meanings on how it flows through society and its impact within it. Since social problems are created and defined through interaction. Interactionists would look at the interactions to and of Muslims to determine how the social problem arised through expectations and social
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