Conflict With Spain Analysis

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Conflict with Spain and Britain Many events that happened in history start with a conflict between two people or countries. Everything that has happened in the past, trades, slavery, war, everything good and bad, had to start with a plan or some sort of conflict. In this case, both Spain and Britain were trying to colonize the land that belonged to the Indians. There were many causes that helped lead to the conflict with Spain and Britain. The main causes of the conflict within Spain and Britain’s “New World” colonies include motives from the Spanish, the Virginia Company, and the Puritans. The Spanish had several motives that added to the conflict. One of which was dealing with the Indians. According to the “Requirement” article, the impact…show more content…
In Richard Frethorne’s “An Indentured Servant’s Letter Home”, a son is writing a letter to his parents about how horrible it is in Virginia. What he describes is basically slavery; they don’t get enough food or clothes, and they’re not allowed to leave the area. On page 23 in For the Record (FTR), Frethorne goes into detail about about the conditions that they suffer every day such as “for since I came out of the ship I never ate anything but peas, and loblollie…”, “But I have nothing at all-no, not a shirt to my back but two rags (2), nor no clothes but one poor suit, nor but one pair of shoes, but one pair of stockings, but one cap, [and] but two bands”. This is just a small section that shows how bad the living conditions were for them. Then on page 24, the son is begging for his parents to pay for him to come back or at least send food and…show more content…
The Puritans external conflict with gender issues added to the causes of the conflict within Spain and Britain’s “New World” colonies. It started with the Massachusetts Bay Colony Case against Anne Hutchinson, she was a prominent Puritan dissenter and would argue with leaders. She “claimed to have experienced direct revelations from the Holy Spirit that revealed which of her neighbors had been saved and which were damned, including ministers” (FTR 47-48). By doing that, Anne was put in front of the General Court who would say things about her gender that would get a rise out of her and it worked. She got so worked up and started having revelations from God which was blasphemy in the eyes of the orthodox
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